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Paving slabs, which the owners of suburban areas is often called the garden, has long established itself as a strong, durable coating for paving squares, sidewalks, park paths. In recent years, this material is increasingly being used for paving garden paths in the suburban areas. On the market today a huge selection of paving slabs - on what should be guided in the first place?

Method of production

A method of making a strong impact on a variety of performance and aesthetic characteristics of the tiles, which is produced by one of two methods. The first is to use vibratory casting. This method involves manual production. Because this is not always possible to sustain strict geometry of the tiles, which is compensated by definition pictures, large variety of shades, shapes. Such tiles can be recommended for paving gardens, in which a large load is not expected.

The second way is to manufacture the vibratory compaction. The resulting tiles more resistant to heavy loads, mechanical damage. The final product has a less attractive appearance, which is not surprising, since production is in-line. Forms tiles made with the help of block-making, of the same type: rectangle, diamond, square, etc. However, there are advantages - the strict geometry that facilitates styling and low cost. This tile is suitable for paving areas, which calls in cars.

Other selection criteria

Note that the thickness of the article; if it is 4 cm, the tiles suitable only for hiking. To pavers withstood at least a bike requires a minimum thickness of 6 cm. For passenger cars need tiles 7-8 cm thick, truck - 10 cm or more. Another selection criterion - frost resistance, measured in cycles. Quality product must withstand at least 150 cycles of freezing and thawing. These data should be contained in the certificate of the product that is sure to have a seller.

Another selection criterion - the color of the product. If it is too bright, it does not mean that high-quality tiles. Saturation of color means that the production of mass was embedded in an excessive amount of the dye, which then can lead to the destruction of products (tiles simply will crumble). The quality of drying, you can check at the hearing; Take a couple of tiles and knock each other. Voiced sound indicates that the product is well dried, muffled talking about violation of production technology.
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