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Arabis - undemanding plant, does not require any special soil. The only thing to consider is good drainage, because the plant does not tolerate excess moisture. Watering should be rare and mild, only in hot dry weather is needed to make sure that the soil does not dry up. Arabis grows well in full sun and partial shade. On the lit portion of the plant blooms profusely, and in the shadow of growing rapidly.

This plant is quite hardy can tolerate frost -6S well hibernates under the snow. It does not require any fertilizing. However, before flowering fertilizer will not interfere.

When caring for arabisom special attention should be paid to weeding. Since perennial growing rapidly, it is necessary to shorten the shoots that the plant does not bother other cultures.

Propagated arabis can seed cuttings. When seed reproduction seeds are sown in spring or a winter. With spring planting plant will bloom the following year. To get the cuttings need to cut off the top of the stem length of about 8 cm and put it at an angle to a depth of 4 cm. During rooting cuttings should be watered, sprayed, shading from direct sunlight. In September, the plants can be planted to a permanent place. Another method of reproduction - using cuttings. To get the slips, you must stalk of the plant to the ground to lay and secure a place in the leaf node. The tip of the stem must be prischepnut. When will the roots, resulting outlet can be separated from the main bush.

Since arabis in one place can grow for a long time, the plant needs to be updated. To this end, areas where the runners stretched and exposed, you need to sprinkle sand mixed with humus. This will allow the plant to get more fertilizer, new shoots will appear. Thus arabis rejuvenate. After blooming flower stalks should be removed, and the smoky carved leaves give the plant a decorative look.

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