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You will need
  • - 600 ml of milk of 3.5%;
  • - 100ml whipping cream;
  • - A couple pinches of salt;
  • - 2 cups roasted walnuts;
  • - 6 tablespoons Sahara;
  • - 8 egg yolks;
  • - 1.5 cups of maple syrup.
In a large saucepan mix the milk with the cream and put it on the stove on medium heat. Stir and bring mixture to a boil and remove from the heat.
Separately, a mixer to mix the yolks with 6 tablespoons of sugar and a couple pinches of salt until the mixture turns into a creamy mass of pale yellow
Pour a thin stream of hot milk and cream mixture to the yolk, while intensively mixing all the whisk. Pour back into the saucepan weight and return to stove on moderate fire. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the contents will not get the consistency of liquid sour cream. No way to avoid boiling! Remove from the heat.
A large pot filled with crushed ice or ice water. Put it in a pot with thickened cream and pour a half cup of maple syrup. Cool for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. This will help prevent the formation of ice crystals in the dessert.
Move the pan with the future of ice cream in the refrigerator for about 5 hours for further cooling.
Pour the cream into a container for freezing, stir fried walnuts (if desired they can be pre-chop coarsely with a knife) and put in the freezer until freezing. During every half hour dessert must be mixed (4 times is enough).
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