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You will need
  • Useful area, food supplies
If you decide that you will keep the fruits and berries by freezing, your freezer should be a large amount. If it is needed only for the storage of meat is sufficient volume of 50 l. Today the Russian market represented refrigerators, which feature a very roomy freezer, satisfying the needs of most customers. Freezer has an even greater capacity and necessary, if you are purchasing products for the future, do not have opportunities every day to go to the store or doing harvesting berries and fruits. The required volume of the freezer will depend on your household habits.
Pick freezer to match the kitchen furniture - it will be very useful addition. When a power outage subzero temperatures in a freezer maintained special batteries. Depending on the model, the cold will be stored from 9 to 24 hours. Almost all modern systems have freezers Non-frost, so they do not need to defrost.
Select a freezer that will fit your needs. Today, even for storage of products are involved in the latest technological advances. The new models are equipped with freezers useful options and many wonderful features.
Modern freezers can be in the form of cabinets, chests or cabinets. If the room in which will be located freezer, a small note in the freezer-cabinet. Usable space it requires a little bit, but instead of a large number of products. Cabinets can be of various kinds, with drawers or shelves, doors or retractable trays.
Compose your freezer with kitchen furniture. Set under the table top stand. The volume they are usually small - only 3-4 branch.
If you can not imagine your life without large supplies of meat or fish, take a look for yourself, freezer chest. Dimensions of such freezers quite solid, although the design is not very convenient. The depth of even the most ordinary of a chest is big enough, so to get food from the bottom is not quite comfortable. But GEL are more economical than vertical freezers and holds a large number of products.
Fill the freezer so that the free circulation of air was present, providing uniform cooling. Freeze berries and fruits on a decorative tray of ice cubes. Then pack them in packages for deep-frozen. Store each type of berries alone.
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