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Tea tree have long been used in folk medicine. For example, Australian residents were treated with its leaves burns, bruises, wounds, some number of infections. Leaves were ground, pounded and applied to locations that require treatment.

Substances concluded in oil of this tree have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic.

This oil will help you if you suffer from acne, thrush, head lice, psoriasis, dandruff, as well as other ailments.

For example, if you suffer from fungal disease, apply undiluted oil on the affected areas of the nail, and for some time you will notice the first results. With prolonged use, you can get rid of the problem.

There have been studies that have shown that tea tree to help you cope with the disease athlete's foot. The oil of this tree will help you much better than modern and popular means.

Particularly widespread use of tea tree oil found himself in the care of the skin. Thanks to the wonderful properties of his love to use for the care of oily skin problem, which often suffers from rashes, pustules, blackheads and other similar problems. This tool instantly relieves itching and irritation, as well as draws pus from the skin.

Moreover, if you want to get rid of warts, herpes and boils, the better way is not found. Places burns and insect bites also advised to handle this oil.

Owners of oily skin should add a few drops of oil in their means of daily care. For example, a face cream. Take finger usual amount of cream for you and add one drop of oil, mix it and apply on the face. Over time, the work of your sebaceous glands to normal, and a problem such as a brilliant person in the middle of the day, will come to naught.

If you want to see dramatic results, you should learn how to make a mask with tea tree oil.

How to use tea tree oil in Medicine

Get the blue clay, which suits oily skin. Take a tablespoon of clay and a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream, season with two drops of oil and mix thoroughly. Apply for 15 minutes this mixture on the face, then wash with cold water and apply a light cream suitable to your skin.

Not bad after the mask apply a special lotion that will also be made on the basis of tea tree. Fill a third of a glass of clean water, add a spoonful of alcohol and 10 drops of oil. Apply the liquid to a cotton pad and wipe your face morning and evening.

Proper care of your skin will give you a good result, which you could not even dream.

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