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Sites aggregators

One of the easiest ways to stay in Mallorca is a book on Airbnb - the largest online intermediary, which only works with property owners. Since the apartment to put on the site may only person documented to prove the right of ownership of property, are completely excluded cases of fraud. On the site you can choose apartments on location in Mallorca, number of rooms, availability of kitchen, washing machine, etc. It is possible to sort the search results by price and rating (reviews). Photos submitted to Airbnb always authentic (Administration site check pictures). - daughter product of the famous "Buckingham" - is also a global aggregator houses for rent. Mallorca villa more represented than apartments, but, nevertheless, there are also apartments. In contrast to the previous site, the tenant pays a commission, not the landlord, no additional charges other than the cost of the property during booking and payment from the site is not taken.

Real estate agency

Besides global sites aggregators, there are local real estate agencies that are engaged in renting and selling apartments. The most popular Spanish Agency may be called Niumba (engaged in real estate all over the country, the Spanish language site). Search for objects and can be booked directly on the site, using the services of an interpreter Google. Correspondence with customer support may be in English.

Also in Majorca has several Russian-language agency specializing in holiday rentals. The most famous include First Mallorca (Spanish company, which employs experts from 8 countries, including and Russian) site is quite convenient, photographs almost always correspond to reality, the selection of apartments for rent is quite large. By inconveniences may include a prepayment on the account.

Second Spanish agency specializing in Russian-speaking clients, a Holiday Rent Mallorca. The site includes both luxury and budget apartments, you can customize the search by number of bedrooms, budget, intended area of rest.

Independent search on the site

Besides, you can rent an apartment on the ground, surveying the island and choose the most convenient area. In a fairly large number of condominiums have the reception area, which can provide information about the cost of renting apartments in the condo.
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