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Before you go on a trip, read on the Internet information about the city you are visiting. Check the location of your hotel and the main street on the map, read an article about the local attractions, as well as that on which it is possible to transport to reach. This will help create a rough plan for the whole trip.
Arriving in a strange city, immediately purchase a brochure that describes the places of interest for tourists as well as a detailed map of the city. And then just take a walk along the main streets - it will quickly get used to an unfamiliar place, learn to navigate.
If you come into a major tourist city, the first day is better to go for a short sightseeing tour - you can sign up for it, as a rule, in the main square. Because of this you will be better navigate the city, learn a little about its history and noted for themselves the interesting places that are then independently visit.
Be sure to one day take away the so-called cultural program - visit the museums, exhibitions, local opera or theater. In large cities, many countries especially for tourists put on plays, which you can understand the meaning and without knowledge of the language. In Prague, for example, a bright representative of the institution is the shadow theater. And if you consider the whole day sculptors and artists you do not have the strength, visiting exhibitions alternate with walks around the city, or, for example, trips to the local zoo.
Go on a tour of local castles, if any, or take a stroll in the park. In the European major cities are usually divided into a number of parks with different well-groomed and incredibly beautiful design. In each of them there is often some kind of zest.
If possible, visit local factories for the production of glorified city products. In Germany and the Czech Republic, for example, you can take a tour of the brewery, France - watch the production of wine or cheese. This will bring new thrills and expand your horizons. In addition, these plants often hold tastings, which offer tourists the best quality products.
And, of course, be sure to check out the cafes and restaurants, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local cuisine. This is especially true for those who are traveling on a foreign country. At the same time it is best to visit the tourist places are not advertised, and those where the local population walks.
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