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Carpet with long pile is made using tufting - needle stitch fabric base, leaving from the front of the loops of yarn. Then adhered to the underside of a base of jute or felt. Sometimes villi cut, this option is a more fluffy.

Types of carpet with long pile

  • Friese - characterized by long twisted fibers, they can be cut or solid.
  • Cut loop looks like the figure through a combination of long pile cut short uncut loops.
  • Shag - carpet with high pile, curled at the base and pointed at the end. This carpet is not easy to clean due to the nature of the structure.
  • Saxony - a variant of twisted yarn trimmed exactly at the same height, looks elegant and easy to clean.
  • Berber - carpet with long pile of large size, gives the comfort room.

The material can be used natural or synthetic materials. In contrast to the carpet with low pile, cover with long loops is much harder to clean it quickly gathers dust. Therefore it is better to choose a synthetic carpet, compared with wool it is less allergenic, easier to vacuum and can safely be dry cleaned.

To protect yourself and loved ones from dust mites and thus feel the real comfort of a fluffy carpet, you can choose the best option. This combination carpet with low pile and a soft rubber substrate thickness of 6 mm or more. Advancing in this coating, the foot rolls in soft and fluffy yarns, so the impression remains that the fluffy carpet.

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