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When choosing a crib for the baby, first of all, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Ideally, the crib should be made of high-quality natural wood without the use of paints and varnishes. And if suddenly you liked the painted crib, make sure that the composition of the paint does not include lead. Pay attention to how carefully polished surface of the product.
Prefer one cot, details of which are tightly connected to each other, and all metal parts such as screws and bolts, "drowned" in the wood and secured plugs.
Pay attention to the crib, the bottom of which can be adjusted in height. To install the bottom of a newborn baby to the highest level that the mother was easier to bend to it. When a baby learns to stand up on their own, drop below the bottom so it fell out of the crib.
Make sure that the bars have liked you a cot do not have sharp corners. In addition, they must be quite strong, and the distance between the bars must not exceed 6 cm, or between one's head can get stuck curious little restless.
Before you choose one or another cot for the baby, think about which way you plan to stack the crumbs sleep. If you do not want to part with the baby at night, prefer a product with a removable side panel, you pridvinete close to his bed. Thanks rocking crib or cot with pendulum design, you will not need to rock crumbs on his hands. Additional convenience for mom and dad create removable casters present on the legs of some models cots.
Look closely at the crib, the design of which includes such handy tools as a changing table, chest of drawers for clothes, toy box, saving not only a place in the apartment, but the family budget.
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