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You will need
  • - The means to make-up remover;
  • - Cleanser;
  • - daily cream;
  • - Night cream;
  • - tonic;
  • - Cream with salicylic acid;
  • - Clay mask;
  • - Foundation;
  • - corrector;
  • - powder;
  • - matting napkins.
The basis of care for oily skin - cleansing it. Do not try to wash several times a day and do not use too aggressive means. Twice-gentle cleansing is enough. Pick a soft foam, gel or emulsion for washing and use it in the morning and before bedtime. For oily skin with suitable means of plant extracts or white clay. You can also use gentle peeling with granules of polyethylene - they are very delicate and suitable for daily use.
Do not try to wash off makeup gel or soap. Use low-fat milk - they remove makeup any resistance. After this wash, and then wipe the skin tonic. For inflamed areas suitable lotions aseptic additives, and other parts of the face, choose flower water or herbal infusions.
Pimples grease cream with salicylic acid - it dries the skin and removes the inflammation. The most effective means of looking at the pharmacy - you can buy ready-made or ordered by the dermatologist prescription. Do not apply these creams all over your face - they are intended for local use during exacerbations.
For deep cleansing and nutrition, you can use masks. Suitable for both industrial and domestic options. Try a mask of white, blue or pink clay, it cleans the skin, tightens pores and reduces inflammation. Because home remedies are particularly good mask on the basis of egg white, they tighten the skin, make it smooth and fresh.
Collect cosmetics bag with decorative means. For oily skin need a light foundation, which does not contain oils, it can be applied to the entire face. Glossing over the problem areas to acquire a dense yellowish-beige concealer shade. Eliminate shine translucent loose powder will help, and quickly matt skin using special napkins.
Do not forget about moisturizing the skin. Choose low-fat light gel or emulsion for daily use. Night agent can not only moisturize, but also gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Day cream should protect the face from UV rays and provide a good basis for make-up.
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