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The following are recommendations that should guide the design of the loan.

Count only on themselves

Before making a final choice, make sure that the monthly payments will not be a burden to you.

For the bank, the main condition is that your payments do not exceed 40-50% of your salary. So think carefully, are you ready to give half their earnings each month.

Do not give extra information about the bank itself

Filling out the questionnaire indicate their maximum profits, without specifying all of its costs.

By completing the questionnaire is to approach responsibly, because even given wrong apartment number may cause failure.

Wait for a call from the bank

When filling in your details, enter the number of the mobile and office phone. Bank employees can contact you during business hours. If for some time before you could not get through the loan officer, then it is likely that you will be denied a loan.

Make a credit card

If you need a loan to buy furniture or household appliances, the best option would be to design a credit card.

According to statistics, credit card much cheaper than buying the necessary goods on credit at the store.

Another significant advantage of the cards is the possibility of multiple use.

Short-term loan to take currency

The loan is for a period of up to three years, it is best to make out in euros or dollars, because in this case the interest rates will be lower.

However, if you receive a salary in rubles, we will have to pay extra for currency conversion.

Save on interest

The larger the down payment, the smaller the loan term, and, consequently, interest rates.

Also, the loan will be cheaper if the borrower to provide a working income statement.

Avoid scams

It is not necessary to agree to issue the loan to another person. Fraudsters often use the gullibility of citizens. For example, you may be asked for a fee to issue the loan on any item in the store.

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