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The danger first - the house. Oddly enough, most troubles can happen to kids is at home, and not somewhere else. Left teapot with boiling water, lying uncontrollably matches unprotected outlet, sharp corners, forgotten on the table medications, low standing detergents, bleaches and other chemicals, knives within reach - all these sources of danger for small, nesmyshlenogo child. To understand what the dangers are exposed daily to your child at home, go through the apartment and look at it through his eyes, from the height of its growth. It is better to once again be safe than to blame themselves for life.

Risk of second - the street. After leaving the house, your child is also exposed to many dangers. So he became a victim of criminals, constantly lead him preventive talks about intruders, which he may meet. The child should be fully aware that we can not talk to strangers or unfamiliar people, you can not go anywhere with them under any pretext. It is necessary to tell what tricks criminals use to lure children and instill in them that sometimes you have to firmly say no, or to run away.

The third danger - the road. On the street the child becomes vulnerable road users. Teach him the rules, consider the most secure way to school, in clubs. When transporting a baby in a car, do not forget to fasten it in a child seat. It is, alas, not gosavtoinspektorov fiction, but a real opportunity to protect children from injuries and save their lives and health in road accidents. Mothers walking with prams should be especially careful crossing the street and do not run across the road in front of cars.

The fourth danger - TV, Internet and media. Unfortunately, it is no secret that the media have long been distributors of violence, pornography, anti-social ideas that destructive influence on the psyche of children. Be careful to monitor what your child is watching what he was doing. Do not let him spend hours playing computer games, or he may appear stable relationship.

The universal advice to all parents - love your child, talk to him longer, be aware of his deeds and experiences, to see him in the eye and do not let it be idle.

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