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Make sure that the new site is fully optimized and will not be rejected by the search engines. Learn all about the registration site, which is the placement of links to various online resources with specific Internet services. When registering a new site on similar services it receives a large number of external links. Their number depends on the popularity of your website on the net.
Proceed with the automatic registration site. Go to one of the services that provide these services, such as Here you will be able to register a site in more than twelve thousand directories and various search engines. Although normally such a large number of registrations is required. It is enough to make it a thousand services. You can also take advantage of special services of the resource, allowing for a fee to complete the entire registration process with the help of specialists.
Make your website a special page for the placement of back links to the directories that you want to work. Navigate to the desirable "white" directories. In contrast to the "gray" analogues, such services do not require a posting on the site back links. Such a requirement litters resources unnecessary information and reduces its search engine rankings.
Start a new mailbox for the service accounts. Make as much as possible the unique descriptions of your site. Use any description for the registration of approximately 30 services.
Sign up daily for 30-50 directories. If more, the system can accept registration as spam. The condition of site promotion can be monitored by special services, such as Save the template registration, to continue to further simplify its processes.
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