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Skip this step if you have already found your dream job. Unfortunately, people sometimes choose a profession out of the spirit of contradiction, for reasons only material benefit, or in order to meet the expectations of their relatives. If you are one of millions of people, each of whom impatiently glancing at the clock waiting for the end of the day, you think about it, because life is one, and perhaps to improve its quality it is time to change something. Listen to yourself - what would you like to do? What do you dream about as a kid? What you tend?

Did you for a few years doing some kind of fitness - why do not you get certified as an instructor and to teach? Maybe you know everything about the decorative cosmetics and adore "try on" different images, changing the make-up options - why do not you get a diploma of make-up artist? A born party-goer, joker and the plant can find ourselves as the leading variety of celebrations. Whatever it was, the easiest way to realize itself is doing to what you would be willing to deal with even if you do not have to pay money for it.
Begin to act. Now you know what kind of work really is to your liking, and it can make the first steps to ensure that in the end, become a true master of his craft. You should not scare the idea that it might have to start from the bottom: history is replete with examples of how the former executive dismissed from work and goes to training, for example, to the potter. Nobody has the right to forbid you to choose the path that will make you happy.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes. People are not perfect, and none of them was born with the head initially laid down in the knowledge of how it should act in a particular life or work situation. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and the difference between a successful person and a failure is only in how each perceives the lessons of destiny. The first will draw conclusions from the failures in the future will not allow a repetition of it, while the second considers that it is not designed to go on such a complex way of life and try to find yourself with something less energy-intensive and responsible.
By the way, the responsibility - do not be afraid to take it on themselves and even more so do not try to shift it on somebody's shoulders. The ability to take responsibility for their decisions and for the work of subordinates - if any - is one of those qualities that may be unique to a confident person. If you really crave to fulfill themselves at work, without faith in their abilities and opportunities you can not do, or at the first difficulty you give up and cease to follow his dream. Believe in yourself and trust yourself - only then will you be able to not only the success, but also lead people.
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