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The role of FSH in women

Follicle-stimulating hormone - a substance produced by a particular section of the brain - the pituitary gland, which is really saying the name. The fact that the primary function of FSH in women - a so-called stimulation of growth of follicles, each of which represents a kind of the ovum, which is located inside the egg.

The entire first phase of the normal menstrual cycle, which lasts 13-15 days, is devoted to the process of maturing follicles. At the beginning of this phase in each of the woman's ovaries has some small - size up to 5 mm - follicles. However, in the process of maturation of them should stand alone, which grow much more than others and become dominant. It was he, lopnuv, he will release an egg, which is then able to be fertilized and develop into an embryo.

Thus, as the flow of the menstrual cycle, the number of FSH in women varies. Thus, during its first phase, which lasts 13 to 15 days and is called the follicular, the amount of hormone is gradually increased, normally constituting 2,8-11,3 mU / l. The peak reaches the amount at the time of ovulatory phase, when there is a rupture of the follicle and release of the egg. During this period, which lasts only a few days, the amount of FSH is usually 5,8-21 mU / l. Then, if fertilization has not occurred, the level of hormone in the body gradually decreases: In this phase of the cycle, which is usually called luteal, FSH usually is 1,2-9 mU / l.

The role of FSH in the male

Despite the fact that in women FSH plays such an important role, it is not a specific female hormone because it has both men. Thus they have the number of FSH is usually not subject to significant changes in such a short time as in women, and is relatively constant. The normal level of FSH in the male is 1,37-13,58 mU / l.

The main purpose of FSH in men is also associated with the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Thus, the availability of sufficient FSH ensures efficient production of semen, i.e. semen. In addition, it is a "responsible" for the growth of the testes and seminal ducts, thus helping not only the creation, but also necessary for the transport of fluid conception.
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