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One method of harvesting vegetables is freezing, which can be carried out at home in a domestic freezer. In the process saved the maximum nutrients. Complete freezing of the product occurs at a temperature of minus 28-29 degrees. Fruits harvested in this manner can be used as needed within a few months.

Very convenient to harvest vegetables set, which then you simplify the process of soups. Plastic bags or plastic container is filled with chopped carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes and herbs. Capacities put in the freezer.

The next common method of harvesting vegetables - is sterilization. It is good that at a temperature of 100 degrees kills the majority of pathogens. It allows to store the finished product for a long time. Sometimes, however, it negatively affects the taste of the useful and the workpiece.

To prepare snacks for winter hostess often use conservation. To do this, sterilize glass jars and tin lid over the steam. The prepared vegetables are put in a container and pour hot brine. Then you need to put the filled jars in a pan of warm water until the level is flush with the contents of the cans. At the end of the banks tight-fitting lid and turn upside down.

Marinating - Another simple and popular method of harvesting the fruit. It is necessary to prepare a fill of salt, sugar, spices and acetic acid. Pour it into jars with vegetables. After that, the container rolled lacquered covers. Remember, these blanks are kept short - about 1.5 months.

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