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Complete Declaration recommended in the following order:

1. Begin filling the declaration sheets letter designation, which, store the information on to sell the property, as well as the right to property deduction. If this applies to your case, please fill out the lists of income or business advocacy.

2. Before you fill graphs costs deemed to be advantageous to specify the actual amount of costs or 20% of the professional deduction. Entrepreneurs are allowed to use only one kind of deduction.

3. The standard deduction may be granted only one source of income of your choice.

4. In the list of income sources, subject to 13% tax, store all data on the incomes, other than business that are subject to mandatory personal income tax.

5. Make a note in the appropriate box all the information about the purchased property, if this was the case.

6. If you have filled correctly, you should have questions about calculating the amount of the refund.

7. The first part of the title page is filled with an employee of the tax authority.

8. In the "number correct" set to 0 if it is the first declaration supplied by you in the past year.

9. tax reporting period - the year for which you are filing the declaration.

10. Code the tax authority - the first four digits of your VAT number if you do not relocate. Otherwise the first two digits - the area code, and the last two digits - the number of inspections, where you'll submit the declaration.

11. In the column "Code categories of taxpayers' businesses should indicate 720.

12. A contact telephone number with area code and country (if you live outside of Russia) without dashes or spaces.

13. The status of the taxpayer will be set to "1" (resident) or "2" non-resident. Residents - is the taxpayers who are on the territory of Russia for at least 183 days.

14. On each page of the declaration put down their TIN and name initials.

To properly fill PIT, follow these tips and stocks of copies of various documents. For deductions write an application in a free form.

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