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Most providers tend to have a considerable number of servers. And buying hosting, you can not know in advance which of them will be posted to your site. On this basis, to assess the quality of the host, that is, check the server load, use the free trial period.
Arrange for on the website scripts timers. Be patient and take a few days to collect statistics on the time page generation, execution of PHP and separately for processing requests MySQL. Then build a schedule and analyze if there is a deterioration in performance during peak hours. But for such an analysis is necessary to be sure that the site had attendance.
Very well, if the Web hosting provider allows you to access via SSH. In this case, use the command top. The result is that you see in the picture stands as follows: 0.76, 0.61, 0.52 - indicates the load on the server in the last one minute, five and fifteen, where the unit - a 100% load. up 20+ 08: 46: 29 19:29:45 - means uptime, ie uptime of the server (in this example it is 20 days). Other data - are statistics on the use of memory and swap when inactive using the latter.
How to account for the server
Hoster see to it that each of the sites did not use too many resources, as this may lead to the infringement of the rights of others. With regard to the utilization of the channel, it checks you can carry out using the service Doping, for example here this His stats you get in a few days. Also pay attention to the work of technical support. If she answers come within a reasonable time (maximum 72 hours), for the presentation of clear, reasonably respond on the merits, it is a good result.
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