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Characteristic features of children-victims

Inappropriate behavior and emotions. Usually the baby rogue long tolerate bullying, even when it would be possible to fight back. But when the "cup overflows", they can arrange a real massacre for nothing.

Hypersensitivity. What would the kid was doing a rogue, for him the main task is not the result but the reaction of others. Such a child can leave the section or circle only because he made the remark.

Disabilities. Rejected kids with birthmarks or scars on the face, stradayusche squint and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Slovenliness and sloppiness. The smell of stale linen, baggy, not by size, clothing, blowing the nose during a lesson. All this and more seen other kids, and can be a big reason harassment and insults.

It's time to talk

If you do not know the cause of the problem your child is personally talk to him about it, because "disentangle" the consequences and to take the necessary measures have to him. The task of parents - to analyze the situation and propose the correct version behavior.

If the child is willing to accept your help, consider going on with him the situation. Ask him: What are you saying? How are you behaving? What do you feel? The essence of the questions and answers is to convey to the kid - his behavior can provoke classmates on bad things.


After finding the causes and conversations necessary to help the child to find new types of response to a bad situation. Think together, as if the events developed, if such a situation was different, well-adapted children. What would he do and say? Can your kid to behave well?

Sometimes it rudeness and violence may be the only way out of difficult situations requiring self-defense.


Incorrect behavior of parents can also be a cause of persecution of the child. Usually parents following error:

The parents think that their child is always right. Make an experiment: record number of complaints of the child to classmates and their responses to these complaints. While in most cases you justify a child, then you unconsciously create problems for him.

Parental intervention. Parents think they need to constantly monitor the child and always interfere with his problem. In fact, the intervention of the parents said classmates about what the child is weak, poor and helpless without the "mommy." As a result, such a child is lowered status and respect among peers.

Own experience. Usually parents advice based on their own experience. A child has its own character and mental make-up, losing the flexibility of behavior, because actions that are incompatible with his character, his unnatural.

Long-term resentment. If a child comes to parents and tells them that it hurt Peter, parents say something like: "This Peter does not give you a pass for several years. Do you remember how it then ... ". This grudge adults do not forget to give your child happened to him a bad accident.

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