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If you want to bring back the money spent or swap its broken ring, then there is no need to write a complaint. You just need to submit a written request to the store for the return of the money for the goods of poor quality. To submit such an application must be in duplicate, on your left should be a mark of acceptance Seller requirements.
The file a claim you must correctly describe the situation of what you want: the money for the defective product or a new ring. Also indicate the adverse effects that may accrue to the store in case of failure to meet your requirements in writing, on a voluntary basis. Mention may be made of the possibility of fines, court costs and fines.
Ten days wait for an answer to your request. It is this period in accordance with Article 22 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", assigned to review your application. After this period, the seller will be charged penalties. For each day of delay penalties will amount to 1% of the value of your ring. Almost always these actions enough to replace the ring or refund your money for the goods of poor quality.
However, we must remember that all of these actions relate only to the situation, if the ring has been damaged. Also, the damage should occur not your fault, but because of the workmanship jewelry. If the ring you just do not do or do not come in size, it is almost impossible to trade him.
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