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You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop.
Launch Adobe Photoshop and then open the appropriate file: click the menu item "File (File) -> Open (Open) or click the key combination Ctrl + O. In the window that appears, select an avatar and click "Open." The picture will appear in the workspace of the program.
Click the menu item "Image (Image) -> image size (Image size) or click the shortcut Alt + Ctrl + I.
In the window that appears, find the section "dimension (Pixel dimensions). With the change of parameters in the input fields "Width (Width) and "Height (Height), which are located in this section, you can change the size of the avatar.
If you want to party with the size of the avatar remains unchanged, do not forget to put a tick next to the item "Proportions (Constrain proportions). The fact that this option is enabled, will also talk that next to the input fields width and length will be in square brackets and emblem of the chain. If you change any of these parameters will change the other. If you, on the contrary, you need to stretch one side of an avatar, disable the settings, ie remove (or put) a check point near the "Maintain aspect ratio".
To change the size and with the avatar, he lost a minimum definition, activate the option "Interpolation (Resample image) and in the dropdown menu, which is under it, select "Bicubic Sharper (best for reduction) (Bicubic (best for reduction)). To save the results, click on the menu item "File (File) -> Save as (Save as) or press the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + S. In the resulting window, select the path for the new version of the avatar, enter the name in the "Files of Type" select the one that you want (usually the majority of forums, blogs, websites, and so forth. Supported format Jpeg) and click "Save".
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