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Purchase vegetables in the stores with the influx of customers. So you protect yourself against treated with special solutions or gases products unsold stock. They retain an attractive appearance and vegetables protect against mold, but the harm to human health.
Avoid buying unripe vegetables. Torn before reaching maturity, they do not possess all the advantageous properties that could in itself carry after ripening. So try not to buy, for example, green tomatoes.
Do not buy vegetables from the mold, wilted or crushed. Violation of the integrity of the membrane leads to penetration into the vegetable bacteria and germs that infect them. Wilted vegetables just started to deteriorate.
Do not take too pale or, conversely, bright vegetables. And those and others treated with pesticides and other harmful substances. Bright red tomato or pale green cucumber does not carry benefits for the body, they are grown using harmful fertilizers.
Choose tomatoes with thin skin. Pay attention to the thorns of cucumbers - preferably those with thin and brittle. The peel apples or pears, shiny and slippery, harmful to health, it should be cut off, since it is impossible to wash biphenyl. Buying cabbage, watch that it had no "scars" that indicate pesticides. Look at the proportions of vegetables - too large cucumbers, carrots disproportionate clearly indicate that the accelerated growth of applied fertilizer.
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