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Google Chrome on your computer

If you want to remove the Google Chrome from your computer without the possibility of recovery of all your bookmarks, saved pages and downloads, you can use the tool "Add or Remove Programs Windows». Remove program will erase all the settings that are stored on your computer. To go to the removal tool Google Chrome, click on the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Uninstall a program." In Windows 8, you can go to the "Control Panel", using the Metro interface and clicking on the shortcut menu that appears.

Saving bookmarks and settings

If you just want to reinstall Google Chrome, but keep all of the recorded data and tabs, you need to save the configuration files of the browser, placed in the program folder.

To save your bookmarks, open the program Google Chrome and go to "Bookmarks" - "Bookmark manager". You can also go to the Control menu using the key combination Ctrl, Shift, and O. After that, click "Organize" - "Export bookmarks to HTML». In the resulting window, select the folder where you want to store your saved pages.

If you want to save the settings and bookmarks Chrome, you can download all the data on your account Google. To do this, click on the menu button and go to "Settings". Click on "Log in Chrome» and enter your account information Google (Gmail, Blogger, etc.). You can also specify the account that you use on your gadget, Android and iOS.

After login, click "Yes, synchronize all." Settings for synchronization You can specify under "Advanced". After the operation, you can remove the browser from a computer through the "Add or Remove Programs" menu "Control Panel".

Once the browser is set again, you can restore the Bookmarks menu "Bookmark manager" - "Organize" - "Import bookmarks from a file HTML». If you want to restore the settings specified by the account Google, go to the item "Settings" and log in before you specify the account again.

To save the program settings, you can use the application Google Chrome Backup, which lets you import all your settings and stored data using several menu items.
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