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1. Using the phone's functionality. In many models of mobile phones and smart phones there is a function "My Room", which can be found in the "Setup" or "Contacts". If the phone number is not identified automatically, it can be written in the contact list and find quickly, if necessary.

2. Service "Check your own phone number." A short USSD-request sent to the regional service number, you can quickly find your phone number megaphone. The service, as well as sending the team is free, but each region has its own combination of numbers in the query. To find your own room, you need to dial:

* 205 # - for subscribers of Moscow, the Urals, Volga and Far East regions;

* 127 # - for the residents of the Northwest District;

* 105 * 1 * 6 # - customer Megafon Siberia;

* 105 * 2 # 0 * - for subscribers of the Central District;

* 105 * 1 * 2 # - for subscribers of the Caucasus region.

After sending a request for information about the privacy of their room immediately displayed on the phone display.

3. Call the operator. If you want to define your own phone number, you can use a telephone hotline 8 (800) 333-05-00 or call the number 0500, wait for the installation to the manager and found him a room, a preliminary answer to the identity question.

4. SMS-request. To see your phone number Megafon, you can send free message without text to the number 00010505, and then the operator will receive an SMS with information on cell phone numbers.

5. Call or SMS to a friend. If you can not send a request to the operator, it is necessary to make a call or send a free SMS «Call me" friend or relative who will dictate the phone number, or send it in reply.

6. Appeal to the office of MegaFon. To find your own mobile phone number, you can go to the nearest office of Megafon, while taking a passport or other identity document. Having identified the owner of the hotel, the staff will report it to the subscriber.

7. Site Check your phone number megaphone on the official regional site. To do this, go to it, select the region to be authorized, following the prompts and enter your personal cabinet. In the upper right corner of the page will show the desired phone number.

8. The contract documents. In a particularly thrifty mobile phone users probably saved documents on SIM-card and a contract with the operator Megafon. Your phone number can be found there.

To quickly and easily find out your phone number if necessary, should make advance requests and service numbers saved in "Contacts", and home to write it in the phone book that is sure to have everyone.

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