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Be clear about the subject. Avoid platitudes. Remember that an interesting article should at least contain a new look at the known issues.
Look for an exclusive. To make a hit, you can, for example, to find anyone not well-known facts from the life of celebrities or describe extraordinary events which you have become.
It is best to write about what you are familiar, but you can take and unfamiliar, but interesting topic. In this case, mark the list of sources - it can be both online resources and participation of experts with whom you have a chat.
Be prepared to talk with the experts if they realize that you are competent, they may tell you something, that does not say other, less prepared interlocutors. Do not be afraid to ask naive questions, give free rein to your curiosity.
Learn all that is written on the topic of your choice before, looking for opportunities to expand the idea of it.
Working on the materials submitted to whom it is addressed, try to speak the language of the reader. Ideally, the article should be clear to all - and researchers, and retirees, and housewives.
Entice the reader. The first paragraph should contain some intrigue, a hint that it will be even more interesting, rather than a summary of the article.
Be concise. If you work, you understand that the article is too bulk, break it apart, create original subtitles. Whatever the interesting stuff, a lot of information today, hardly perceived by the reader.
Good article - a range of opinions. Do not think your only right. Reflect the opposing points of view on the issues that you touch. Do not make definitive conclusions, let them make the reader. Your main task - to make him ponder trigger retaliatory emotions. Then your work will not be in vain.
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