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Modern MDF - a good option for high quality home decoration at relatively low financial cost. These products are designed for just self-repair, which forces anyone with even a little skill with the power. The panels allow to carry out almost any design conceived without an invitation-paid professionals.

Construction of frame

Need wooden bars 40x40 mm or 50x50 mm. They should be mounted on the surface horizontally in increments of 60-70 cm (use the building level). In order to achieve the desired position, use the pad in the form of scraps of the same bars. To strengthen the framework is through the plugs and suitable length of metal products. If the wall is made of wood, then simply screws on wood. For the construction of the frame can be used and metal profiles used for fixing plasterboards. This option is even preferable - because ideal surface eliminates the possibility of bending profiles MDF panels when fixing.

Mounting panels

Installing the panels starts from the corner of the room. The extreme side of the starting strip fasten with screws (25 mm) and grooved insert special attachment portion (klyaymery) and secure them with the studs, which are sold complete with klyaymerami. Follow strip is inserted into the previous, etc. The last panel will have to adjust the size, make it easiest jigsaw.

The final stage involves giving complete type tiled surface. To do this, use the trim. It refers to special trims covering the internal, external corners. Attach they need through a silicone sealant or liquid nails. There is another version of the border, using the profiles used in the finishing of plastic panels. In this case, after installing the wall will effectively stand out, as if to emphasize their "feature". This method of edging looks good at finishing small spaces, such as balconies, terraces.

When using MDF panels need to be aware of their poor resistance to moisture, - if not immediately, but over time, the panel is still soaked with water and gradually acquire completely unpresentable form, - begin deformation. Also, do not coat the wall panels, if there is an open flame source.
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