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You will need
  • - Swatter;
  • - a vacuum cleaner;
  • - Shampoo or liquid soaps;
  • - The essential oil of mint or lemon balm;
  • - Spray the OS;
  • - A trap for wasps.
If the wasps fly in an apartment, you can deal with them, as with other flying insects, using a fly swatter. But in the case of the wasps, unlike the fly, you have to be careful - defending itself, the wasp sting can be painful. In the spring, when the wasps only come out of hibernation, they fly with difficulty, mostly slow crawl. With such instances fly swatter handle better, and if the number of wasps, they can suck vacuum cleaner.
Flowers, sweet drinks and foods in the public domain in your kitchen are sure to attract wasps, if the nest is nearby. Do not leave on the table a vase with jam, honey, sugar bowl and open another "treat" for intruders. By the way, these insects can attract even the fragrance of sweet smell.
But the smell of mint wasps do not like, and even afraid. If you are overwhelmed by a wasp, apply a few drops of essential oil of mint or lemon balm in the aroma lamp or mix 3 ml of oil with 500 ml of water and spray the liquid into the room. This spray is harmless to the skin, and you'll get a double effect - aromatherapy and get rid of wasps.
If you know where the hornet's nest, and you want to destroy as many animals, dilute 50 ml of liquid soap or shampoo 500 ml of hot water. This tool should be applied or sprayed directly on insects. You can use to guarantee wasps killing chemicals. They are available in cans and sold in specialized stores. Spray is sprayed on the hornet's nest and destroy whole colony.
If radical methods are not for you, you can put a trap for wasps. Traps are also sold in the shop. They provide a lure that attracts wasps. It is not necessary to hang the trap in the room, but on the balcony or an outside wall, you can use it. It is also possible the construction of the trap with his hands. For this two-liter plastic bottle is cut crosswise so that the portion of the neck was one-third, and part with the bottomed - two thirds. As part of a bottomed poured sugar syrup, honey, jam. The neck is rubbed with sunflower oil, odorless and is inserted into the bottle half in which the syrup is poured. This trap can be hung on the outside of the window to the wasps did not fly into the house.
At night you can discover a hornet's nest, just get rid of it by removing the wall and tied tightly in a linen bag. The bag then should be deleted in hot water. Include a flashlight is not necessary - the entire operation should be done in the dark. After removing the nest periodically check this place, because soon it wasps can build a new home.
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