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Tale - a lie, so it hint

It is said that still waters are found devils. In truth this saying, of course, no one checked, but life often exactly what happens. Man is surrounded by the wonderful and varied fauna! This is where the "crux of the matter": some of the fauna usually looks calm, are real "monsters".

Rhino trifled with!

These "Tikhon" certainly include rhinos. By their nature, they are all - singles. They almost never look for points of contact with their relatives. Moreover, these solipeds animals in most cases, do not feed a fellow no malice. Curiously, its own territorial area is not protected, no rhino, but to other individuals outside visits generally refers to the complete tranquility!
Y rhinoceros horn is not made of bone, and of bristle hair glued together. That is why he is so highly valued in Oriental medicine.

Quite different is the case at a meeting with the person rhino. In this case, the animal becomes aggressive. The famous Scottish Hunter John Hunter, in describing the behavior of a rhinoceros at a meeting with the man, said that the rhino - a "short-sighted old colonel" who accidentally discovers a stranger in his garden.

According to Hunter, the first impulse of the animal in this situation is to simply get rid of the instinct of the stranger, but soon rhino understand that a person can be dangerous for him. That's where the instinct of self-preservation! The animal begins to waver and get nervous, and then goes into the attack. Woe to him who stood in his way!

Modern "dinosaurs"

According to archaeological excavations, more than 100 million years ago the planet Earth was dominated by giant reptiles. Since then, much has changed. The dinosaurs became extinct, but left their immediate descendants - birds and reptiles. Birds in most cases do not represent a lethal danger to humans and crocodiles - yes.

Crocodiles and alligators - one of the most scary "monsters" both on land and in water. In large animals do not have any rivals because they are afraid of even the largest land animals - elephants! In addition, some crocodiles are too savvy and hunting show some ingenuity.
The famous crocodile skin - this is a real armor. Reptile head to toe covered with thick horny scutes. Furthermore, in the skin hidden bone plate.

Fortunately, not all of today's crocodiles are dangerous for large land animals and man. For example, caimans feed exclusively on crabs and clams. And yet, the vast majority of crocodiles can be considered a modern "dinosaurs."
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