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The one love

The strictness with regard to her daughter come across the idea that love must be earned. From there the sacrifice, extreme cleanliness and just the inability to feel wanted and loved. Miser to caress against girls may lead to the fact that in her youth she indiscriminately go after those who would tell her a couple of warm words. This can lead to disappointment and unpleasant moments in the lives of young girls.

Every girl needs to receive affection, care. Beyond the limits set every parent himself. Accustomed to the emotions, she will learn to give them to others. The one love, will be able to build their own happiness.


Each girl is very important to know that she is beautiful. In adolescence all the complexes increases. And that is why it is so important to maintain the spark in her daughter that it will continue to burn. And whatever its nature or awarded appearance, whether freckles, small eyes, protruding ears - everything you need to turn these disadvantages into advantages. After all, she is unique.

Do not laugh at her clumsiness or physical problems. This may cause irreparable harm to your child. Never compare your child with others. Expressions of this kind are unacceptable, "Look how Tanya neat! And you're always grubby. "

Guardian angel

Every girl should be familiar with compassion and care. If your child is evil taunts weak, do not be afraid to seriously discuss such things. Girls may be tougher boys, and this is the hardest. Allow your daughter to prove an act of mercy, taking a puppy in the house, which she had brought from the street. Praise her for her help, even the smallest. Let us help an old neighbor, if she asks. Watch with sentimental movies. But explains that all necessary measure.

Do not pay attention to people unworthy of mercy. And, of course, allow yourself to indulge in different pleasant things that you decide to cook for my daughter. And then you all will.

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