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Sweet almond is a good alternative to other flavoring agents in the manufacture of various dishes. It turns out that this mysterious stone is bitter to the taste (and toxic for human consumption), but not less useful in the treatment and cosmetology.

Bitter almonds are considered to be the most intense in flavor. However, its use as a food should not exceed a safe dose, then the almonds give the dish a unique flavor and improve the taste, at the same time he could not cause harm to your body.

Sweet almonds are less intense taste, but its dosage can not be as accurate, generously using frayed nuts for baking fish (you can even breaded), as flour or crushed spices in baking and spice almonds side dishes or meat dishes, original sauces , yogurts, cereals and even chocolate. Dangers of sweet almond no responsibility.

Almonds and shell used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages - liquor or liqueur.

It is believed that if almond drink daily, there is a chance to stabilize the level of cholesterol and to significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In folk medicine, these nuts are considered medium capable cleanse internal organs from toxins, strengthen the eyes and cure of infectious inflammation of the throat. For asthmatics, as subsidiary means they are also suitable. Almonds contain phosphorus, so it is important for the child's body - it helps strengthen growing bones and teeth.

Proponents of the teachings of Ayurveda is generally considered that raw almonds prolongs life and enhances the intellectual level of a person, since there are a lot of riboflavin and L-carnitine. Protein and fiber contained therein, stabilize blood sugar in the body and increase the metabolism, because it is often used in diets and nutrition.

The almond shell is added to the diet for the prevention of cancer - it is useful to know those who are at increased risk of disease cancer.

Raw almonds and butter on the basis of its rich in vitamin E, which is used by beauticians. The cream, as part of which has almonds, serve as a good antioxidant and helps skin look healthier. Almond oil is perfect for a relaxing massage, as well as a part of shampoo hair healthier and give them softness and shine.
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