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How to choose sushi

If you choose to order sushi, you have to pay attention to some of the ingredients. Fish used for their preparation, should not have a strong odor. If seafood does not smell or have a strange appearance, from the acquisition of the food should be abandoned. Rice added to the land should be loose. His spresovannost says abuse of technology and the rules of cooking.
If slicing fish made in advance of its sections are kilned and winded.

Where better to buy land

On the Internet there are now many different deliveries of land located in different cities. You can find them through any search engine by driving to the key phrase: "Sushi delivery", and then specify the city in which you live. The search engine will give you a large list of different sites, restaurants deliveries.

To buy high-quality and tasty product, pay attention to the price category of dishes. Too low a price is according to the taste of the finished product. However, the high cost does not mean that the land will be delicious.

At each site there is a restaurant delivery section reviews left by customers. You can read them. But do not forget the fact that all messages are moderated by site administration. If your site has an overwhelmingly positive response, it may cause some suspicion.
To be more convincing, you can try to find reviews of a particular sushi bar on the social networks. There customers are very often placed not only their suggestions and comments, and photos of his purchase.

If you decide not to order sushi online, and buy them right in an institution, you can pay attention to the audience, found there. A large number of Asians among buyers as the evidence of the high quality of the product sold.

In addition, the worthy institutions can not be too spacious. Professional Sushi master chef can cater for about 10-12 people.

Explore the menu, the restaurant offers you. If you are in a real Japanese institution, the list of food served is likely to be written in Japanese and translated into Russian, and the names themselves rolls should preferably be non-European, and Japanese.

Before you visit a particular restaurant, ask your friends, maybe they were already there and have something to advise you.
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