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In English the word fake (fake) is a fake. This word is often referred to things that are very similar to the original brand, but they are not. Fakes can be found anywhere: in the big stores, and subways. The aim of the manufacturer is a forgery as soon as possible to make a cheap product. Sometimes it is not a week goes by since the release of the original collection, and the Internet has flashed bright advertising, promising collection of items penny price. Not even worth talking about what you offer to buy a fake.

To distinguish the fake from the brand, it is enough to pay attention to three points: the place of purchase, cost and quality.

Place of purchase things

It would be naive to think that in the nearest market or in a small basement shop will sell you a real "Chanel". Even buying clothes in the famous big store, you are not immune from buying fakes, the only difference is that it will be better quality than the market.

Get branded items only in retail stores, which carry out deliveries directly from the manufacturer. If there are no shops in your city, it makes sense to look for the official online boutique.

If you decide to visit the stock center, first find out where is brought clothes that can tell about the brand consultants.


Look at the price of items that you liked on the site, compare the price of the store. If the store on the price list shows the amount in four to five times less - it's definitely fake. Even during sales stores do not make allowances for the brands more than 70%. Moreover, the phenomenon of short-term discounts are permanently at a discounted price brand items do not sell. All unsold leftovers after the stock are sent to stock stores. Therefore, if you see for the past six months, discounts on branded thing - it's probably a fake. Remember, this branded clothing is not sold for a pittance.

Quality materials and fittings

Fabrics, furs and leather, which is made of branded items are high quality and pleasant to the touch. Seams and stitching should be straight and of good quality, no protruding thread.

These brands are distinguished by an abundance of detail. Even the smallest rivet must be done perfectly. There may be additional protection in the form of watermarks, holograms, individual rooms. Each brand the means of protection against counterfeiting, before you buy to find out exactly which uses your desired manufacturer.
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