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Young girl Mia, along with his brother David and friends Eric, Natalie and Olivia settle in an abandoned hut in the forest. Mia suffers from drug addiction, and her brother decided that far from civilization it can be cured.

In the evening, they find the door in the floor, under which there is a basement. Inside the suspended animal carcasses and unidentified parcel wrapped with barbed wire. Unfolding discovery, young people find the book, which is called Naturom Demonto. Cover is made of human skin, and the text is written in an ancient unknown language. On one page there is a warning about the inadmissibility of reading content.

However, with the help of Eric drawing pencil could understand the contents of the book and read it. Mia gets bad, and she requested that she was taken away, but the brother and his friends refuse to comply with the request. It is out of the house through a window and runs away. However, the girl gets into an accident, and then she sees the figure of a ghost. Black shoots, "grown" out of the mouth of this creature, entwine her. Mia find her friends and refers back to the house.

After the shock she decides to take a shower, which drenches herself with hot water. About Similarly Action Eric read the book, and friends are going to take Mia to the doctor. However, on the way, they discover the absence of a bridge. Back in the cabin, Mia inhuman voice said to friends that they will die, and then attacking Olivia. The girl locked in the basement, and the victim went to the bathroom to prepare a sedative.
According to the prophecy, after the death of five people dead raised.

Eric chance comes to Olivia, who at this time cuts his own mouth. She pounces on him and he had to kill her.

Gradually, friends die, and the prophecy written in the book come true. In the final scene Mia chainsaw kills the demon and the curse is destroyed.

About the film

"Evil Dead: The Black Book" is a continuation of the trilogy Sam Raimi. The idea of creation was conceived a long time, but due to problems with financing the operation did not start.
In July 2011, it was declared publishes film company and directed the film, which became Federico Alvarez.

In February 2012, for the role of David was chosen Shiloh Fernandez and Mia performed Jane Levy, who starred in the TV series "Suburbs". Shooting of the film "Evil Dead: The Black Book" lasted from April to June 2012, and to hire the picture came out in the spring of 2013.

When the premiere, the director announced that the sequel will be created. Directed by Sam Raimi original trilogy and think about filming sequel to "Army of Darkness". As a result, the viewer should see another part of the "Evil Dead", which will be combined stories of the main characters - Ash and Mia.
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