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The most reliable source of information when choosing a camp can become your friends reviews. Therefore, first of all, ask them where they send their children to rest in previous years, and if they liked it. It is clear that in the camp to send a certified child is not so bad. Also learn more about the popular camps you can in management education, a travel agency, or at different sites.
When choosing the first thing you ask resettlement camps. Can be considered a good indicator of Livability buildings, the presence of the soul, sports and playgrounds, gyms and swimming pools. If the camp is located on the shore of a lake or sea verify if there is a specially equipped beach or a place to swim.
Be sure to check the qualifications of educators and counselors. Find out how many people will be in the squad, how many adults will follow them. It is useful to know about whether there is a camp swimming instructor how the nurse cleaned the rooms there as often changing linens and who follow the children after curfew. All these questions are very important because you trust your child's teachers on a long time.
Do not forget to immediately clarify all matters relating to costs. Find out if there are additional charges for any activities included in the price of travel to your destination, accompaniment. If your child will be material damage, how it will be repaid.
And, of course, when choosing a camp consider the views of the child, in fact, he will lie down for three weeks. Learn changing themes and a program of activities. Find out whether or not carried out any activities interests.
Specifying the range of camps that meet all your requirements, select one of them, who liked most.
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