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Case Antoine Berthe

One day, looking through the exit in Grenoble "Judicial newspaper" Stendhal interested business nineteen Antoine Berthe, the son of village blacksmith. Bertha was raised by the local parish priest, and obviously considered himself spiritually much higher his family and entourage. Dreaming of a career, Antoine entered the service of the local rich Misha as a tutor of his children. It soon became clear that Madame Bertha became beloved Misha - the mother of his pupils. After the scandal of a young man lost his place.

The failures have left Antoine and in the future. At first, he was expelled from the seminary, and then expelled from the service at the Parisian aristocrat de Cardona. The reason for the expulsion of the novel served as Bertha Cardone with his daughter, as well as the letter received from Madame Cardone Misha. Losing his head in despair, Antoine Bertha returned to Grenoble and during a church service in the first shot of Madame Misha, and after that - a. Despite the fact that both were alive, Bertha was convicted and sentenced to death.

A novel about Julien Sorel

This tragic story is so interested in Stendhal that he decided to create on its basis a novel about the fate of intelligent and talented young man of low birth who did not allow him to find his place in life. In this writer to completely rethink the events described in the pages of the criminal chronicle. The figure of the protagonist of the novel "Red and Black" Julien Sorel has acquired much greater importance and scope compared with an ambitious small Antoine Bertha.

It took three years to the writer to turn a banal criminal case in the novel of epochal significance. He succeeded brilliantly reflect the picture of French society of the first half of the nineteenth century, which takes place against the backdrop of the tragic story of Julien Sorel.

The scene of the novel is very conditional. At the beginning and end of the story is a fictional provincial town of Verrieres, very similar to Grenoble, where the events unfolded criminal chronicles. In addition, the action takes place in an unfamiliar Stendhal Besanon and Paris disliked them. Such a convention to choose their action allowed the writer to create the impression of inclusivity events. Stendhal interpreted the story of Julien Sorel is not a special case, but as a natural phenomenon, dictated the whole of French life in the era of the Restoration. Perhaps that is why the novel "Red and Black" became so widely known and is still considered one of the best works of realistic literature.
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