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Vyry - is the ancient name of Paradise in the eastern Slavs. According to legend, it was thought that the kingdom of heaven is either clouds or somewhere in the warm sea, where the year-round warm weather. Ancestors believed that the souls of the dead Vyrie people. Here, in the upper world, the fall of the birds fly away to spend the winter. Therefore, the Slavs believed that birds can pass through the news to their loved ones who have left this world. In Vyrii growing world tree (usually in his role as advocates oak or birch), which together live birds and souls of the dead. Also in Paradise for the good people in store icy wells with clean water, around which the fragrant flowers and apple trees grow. The key to all this splendor is kept by the swallow - that this bird brisk entrusted his gods.

Ancestors-Slavs believed that closing Svarga earth goddess leaves alive - the personification of spring, youth, soil fertility, rich harvest, youth and beauty of nature and man. Alive - one of the favorite deity of the Eastern Slavs, and they held her luxurious wires to the goddess successfully reached the upper world. After harvest, the people will certainly thank god for his generous gifts and asked not to forget to come back next spring. And after September 14 in their possession come other more severe owners - Winter and Christmas. From that day the spirits of the ancestors can no longer walk the earth.

However, this situation does not last forever. March 25 comes a vacation in Svarga. Alive returns to earth - her and her young assistants can be seen hovering in the air. Nature and animals awakening from winter torpor, the birds return. Down to the earth and the soul of the dead. To quickly returned alive and spring came, the woman called the goddess special song-zaklichkami.

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