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Approximately 3 weeks of pregnancy in women begins to change the body's hormonal balance, adjusting for normal gestation. At this time, the expectant mother is getting a bit scattered, because the brain is forced to constantly monitor the changes occurring in the body, which is why a woman is difficult to be distracted by something else. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized egg develops autonomously. Therefore, concerns about women drunk alcohol and taken medication in the initial period are unfounded. Nature has arranged everything so that the harm if it is not strong enough, will not affect the baby, otherwise the pregnancy is simply broken.
As the volume of blood increases pregnant may decrease in hemoglobin. With the correction of nutrition is necessary to raise its level. It is enough to increase the use of iron-containing foods, such as apples, liver, and raisins. If the hemoglobin level falls below 105, it will have to maintain a special preparations, otherwise the child will anoxia.
A common problem that occurs during pregnancy - constipation. This is due to an increase in levels of the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the muscles of the intestine. To help your body, you can also change the power. To do this, fit foods containing fiber, such as buckwheat, bread with bran and vegetables. Seriously changes and the work of the kidneys. Now they are forced to recycle waste products, and the mother and child. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the amount of fluid intake to prevent edema.
Due to the increasing size of the uterus, organs change their position and squeezed. This explains the occurrence of heartburn and frequent urination.
And changing the load on the spine and legs. This is due to rapid weight gain. It varies from 6 to 18 kg yes all 40 weeks. Most get better, surprisingly, slender girl. The fact that the safe carrying of certain essential fatty layer so thin women have to recruit more.
Besides all these features, it is worth paying attention to blood pressure, which should not go beyond the norm. Do not be scared, and pain in the body, the body is set to give birth, so many changes in its constitution. It should only be afraid of sharp pains in his stomach. It is also necessary to track the frequency of perturbations to notice deviations in the behavior of the fetus. But most importantly - always maintain contact with the gynecologist to be able to consult upon the occurrence of an unusual condition.
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