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Internet Cinema, along with such video hosting sites like Youtube and RuTube, is a system of user access data to Internet resources placed on its servers videos. A distinctive feature of the Internet theater from the same above-mentioned video-hosting is the lack of any restrictions associated with the length of the video series and its quality. It allows without any loss of quality to watch full movies online.

The downside of such resources is the limited access of ordinary users to download movies from your own library. This is due to fear of the owners of those sites associated with the discharge of materials and other pornographic materials that are extreme or provocative. Therefore, often only the administration of online cinema has the ability to upload new videos to the public. Ordinary users also have the right to a maximum upload videos just for your own view.

Foreign Internet theaters prefer to charge users for the use of their resources. This is due to the fact that they are discharged to access movies that are either recently were released, or no longer, but without losing the status of the film "news." Domestic online cinemas mostly have free access, limited only by the free registration. But these resources are often littered with lots of promotional materials, besides they can occasionally find a movie that will be later in 2008.

Some domestic ISPs introduce such a system at the online movie theaters, in which the user pays for a single or temporary access to any video material. It does not really matter whether this film or not a novelty. If we talk about the time that the user pays for the amount of time, not more than a couple days. If we are talking about a single access, the funds will be withdrawn from the subscriber's account after the final movie.

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