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Financial assistance of the Crimean today one of the basic needs. After all, the people need to rebuild, recover lost property, etc. Some compensation from the state for all is clearly not enough, so those donations, which are still sent to fall at an opportune moment. Transfer money to the affected area from flooding is simple enough.

All account numbers, details of bank details can easily be found in the media and on the Internet. Therefore, you can cut a page from a newspaper or a printed sheet from the Internet and send off transfer. The first option, as it can be done - of course, through savings bank. It is enough to come to any branch of the Savings Bank, to wait for their turn to make a transfer and processing operator.

The second option - the transfer of money through the mail. The scheme is simple and similar to the one used in the transfer of funds through the savings bank. You need to bring a piece of mail with the details, give it to processing operator and name the amount payable. Specialist Post Office will issue all by himself, and will give you a receipt for the transaction.

Some well-known activists brought their electronic purses, which can transfer financial aid. All the money from them cashed and transferred to the region. This is partly translated into these official accounts, partially transferred person.

If you do not trust the official institutions and are not sure that the money pledged will go to the destination account, you can transfer them targeted. You can implement this in two variants. The first - to send money to volunteers who regularly go to the Krasnodar region to help clean up the city from the rubble. They give money to the neediest. For example, helpless lonely old men.

You can go alone to the affected area and personally convey finances suffered.

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