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Hair styles

Brilliant hair draws attention to its owner, but to maintain this kind of jewelry in excellent condition required a lot of effort.

Effective hair care is possible with proper determination of their type, otherwise there is a risk of ruin. There are mixed, dry, oily and normal hair.

Last characterized by a high degree of reflectivity of light that gives the hair a radiant appearance. The elasticity of the hair and split ends no evidence of well-chosen means of care.

It should be noted that the hair that does not require additional support, there are less and less. This is due to environmental and atmospheric pollution in general.

Hair with excess fat have a dull sheen and soon after cleaning become dirty in appearance. Similar problems arise as a result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Holders of such a head of hair is recommended to radically revise the diet.

Dry hair is usually manifested by the presence of split ends and explained improper care. It should be sparing use means caring and special combs with natural bristles.

Hair that greasy roots and dry at the tips, relate to a mixed type. They require combined care, and adherence to the adjusted diet.

What affects the condition of the hair

Hairdressers say that one can not ignore the people's means and to choose a salon mask. An excellent tool in the fight for the beauty of hair are the oil and ginseng germinated wheat germ. Their unique effect ensures a luxurious and well-groomed hair.

Do not forget about proper shampooing: the water should be warm, rinsing should be done several times to fully rinse cosmetics and preventing plugging of the hair structure. Wash your head is recommended no more than once every 2-3 days and do not use daily hair styling - mousses, gels, waxes, varnishes.

For children it is recommended to buy special shampoos and conditioners with special icons that indicate gentle care. With brushing, wait until dry hair.

In any case, the use of a hair dryer, ploek, rectifiers and brushes with the air flow is somewhat limited.
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