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How to choose a foreign fiance

Heed to the choice of the nationality of her future husband. Each has its own particular mentality. For example, getting to know Italian, you can expect that you will have to deal with many of his relatives, and especially their parents, though there is a risk that your life will be actively involved. Consider not only the mentality and religion, as well as the laws adopted in the country where you want to go. Women who want to be the only one for her husband, it is better to stay away from the suitors, which is the normal practice of polygamy.

Please note that you need to know the language of the country in which the plan to live with her husband. To marry and go to another country, knowing only their native language, it is very dangerous, even if your spouse is good to know Russian. If necessary, you can not take care of yourself, you would be hard even to appeal to passers-by on the street.

Do not rush to get married, even if the man you fell in love at first sight and believe that it is your destiny. Try to get to know him, and when relationships are serious enough, and confidence level - high, to go back to where you plan to live with her future husband. Pay attention to the image of his life, the way he used to do at home. Did you know about it a lot. Sometimes being in a home far away from friends and family, a man can not change for the better, and you should learn about it before marriage.

How to marry without risk

Contact marriage agency with a good reputation. Most likely, in this case, you proposed candidates will be thoroughly checked, so the risk of encounter with a person previously convicted swindler, or will be minimal. In addition, you will be able to find someone who meets your needs and that you will be able to create a strong family.

If you enter into a marriage contract, read it carefully. Some items may in case of divorce cause serious problems for you and not only property-related. Please also note that you must be able to connect with family and friends when needed. Remember that moving to another country, you will not be familiar environment and has full confidence in her husband. The more carefully you have thought through the issues of their security, the better.
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