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The idea Hamburg Karneval des Kulturen - to tell Europeans about other cultures, to demonstrate their particular skills and talents. National music, costumes, dances and songs, as well as arts and crafts and even food of different peoples - the majority of Germans have this rather general idea. A comfortable coexistence is impossible without understanding and acceptance.

In Hamburg, a lot of different national communities are inhabited by people from Africa, Asia, Oceania. They have something to offer and to show the Europeans - and they, in turn, are ready to accept the new and in response to show their own talents.

Each year the Carnival of cultures is assigned to a specific topic: "respect," "tolerance," "love." Events take only two days, so the program is very dense. The scale of the action is amazing. In these days of September the whole of Hamburg turns into a big tourist center. In different areas of the city are organized events for all tastes - Book and souvenir fairs, parades, dancers, theater groups performances, tasting of national dishes. The city of Hamburg is required to publish a site the program of activities, their starting and driving directions to the different entertainment centers.

Mandatory part of the holiday - hits the city with music and dance groups. The festival actively involved children - they will be provided a special area, street performances, a variety of workshops. During the two holidays are contests and competitions of artistic groups, the winners receive prizes. It ends with a big celebration party.
Participation in Carnival could take any guest - all open events are free of charge, have to pay only for food and souvenirs.

Similar events are held in other German cities, where there are large ethnic diasporas. For example, in May and June Carnival organized in Berlin, and in November, takes the baton Cologne.

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