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Healthy, full puppies are born only of the dogs, which are provided with proper nutrition and proper care. Pregnancy for your pitomitsy is the strongest stress, against which various complications may arise. For example, aggravate chronic illness or there will be new. During pregnancy (mean 60 days) increases the load on the entire body of the animal, especially the heart, liver, kidneys and respiratory system.
Diagnose the successful fertilization of a dog can only 3 weeks after mating. Watch closely for changes in behavior and the status of your pet during the entire period of pregnancy in case of health problems during this period, probably to help.
So, the main signs that your dog is pregnant: First, a little swollen, and then more and more increasing breast cancer. are large and stands out on the tummy. Abdomen, located behind the ribs, will also be significantly changed in size. During this period (gestation 35-40 days), you can even test the young, but it's better to trust the expert, since the wrong palpation can cause very harmful to kids. However, if the small pups (1-2), this feature may not be manifested. Nausea and vomiting, in other words, morning sickness. It occurs in mid-pregnancy and lasts a few days. However, if it is a prolonged painful character, you should contact your veterinarian. Genital discharge for almost the entire period of pregnancy. To leave they will be particularly abundant. Make sure that they were not particularly pungent smell and were not purulent. During pregnancy in dogs in the urine often appears mucus. A dog sleeps a lot, become lazy. Sometimes there may be changes in behavior or mood. So, your pitomitsy may come to fawn or not to show her peculiar anxiety;
Pregnant dogs or not, just can determine in a veterinary clinic. However, to apply earlier than 20 days after mating, it makes no sense. Diagnosis is made by two methods: ultrasound (US), or perform a test of hormones.
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