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No matter how much you tried in your life soups in different countries, they are prepared in different ways. In Japan, hearty soups, and fresh or transparent. In France the soups - tender, with a delicate aroma; they fill with cream or prepared from veloute (sauce is made from flour, fried in butter, with the addition of broth, which is poured into the gravy slowly) and an army of seasoned slozhnosochinennogo additives. In Britain, more predictable prepare soups of the most common and familiar to us vegetable that are very similar to each other, but they all served in the same manner of the French.

But let's talk about the Italian soups! They are rude, simple, but very characteristic. It has a rich flavor, which is most likely due to the sunny climate of the Mediterranean, where herbs and vegetables growing in a fabulous abundance.

These soups were created in the working-class families, survivors of centuries of poverty and even poverty, but have not lost hope. As a basis for their use, as well as a hundred years ago, water and bread, but also and vegetables, which have now become available to everyone.

These soups - upomrochitelny and a lot of them. Among them - ribollita, a thick nourishing bread soup and pappa al pomodoro, bread soup with tomatoes. And when kept pace with a new crop of vegetables everywhere are beginning to prepare the minestrone, and in every home do so on their own recipe. Even being digested or cooked with the remnants of various pasta, minestrone is still delicious soup!
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