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Work on a semantic site starts with the selection list of key words that best characterize your life. For example, if your site is designed for amateur astronomers, the following words are: stars, constellations, moon, sun, planets, telescope, etc.
By defining a list of keywords, imagine yourself in the place of the person who wants to find your website. What kind of searches it will enter to find the information? You can determine this by following the link:
This service Yandex provides the most frequent searches. Introducing the word "astronomy", you get a list of search queries with the word with their frequency. Scroll through the list to determine which key phrases are best suited for inclusion in the text of your site.
Among grammatical queries to select those that are suitable for the preparation of the menu on the home page. For example, "Achievements of astronomy", "Astronomy for Beginners", "History of Astronomy", "ancient astronomy," etc.
Select keywords and phrases for the sections of the site. For example, under "Constellation" such phrases will be the names of the constellations. Brought them into sub-headings, each constellation devote a separate paragraph or a page.
Most high-frequency queries are submitted for the first page. The deeper in the site navigation page is the more low-frequency should be placed on its key phrases. High demands are usually very common - for example, "telescope". Low-contrast, accurately describe the subject of the search - "homemade telescope of eyeglass lenses."
Do not forget that the texts of the site, created by taking into account the semantic core should be readable. The frequency of keywords should not exceed 3-5%, that is a hundred words of text the keyword can not be repeated more than three to five times.
The correct procedure for creating the site requires the drafting of its semantic kernel, the selection of titles and only then writing texts. If a site has already been created and you want to take your life in the rating, make it the semantic core, and optimize the structure of the site, menus, titles, text, taking into account the selected keywords.
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