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In autumn weather on the coast of Antalya varies. If at the beginning of September, the resort is almost summer heat, by the end of November is getting cooler, nature prepares for winter Mediterranean. Not to be mistaken with the choice of the month for a vacation on the coast of Antalya, you should know in advance what the weather usually prevails in this period one of the most popular resorts in Turkey.
September - "velvet" season in the resorts of Antalya. Earlier this month, the air temperature is about 34 degrees, and the end is reduced to 28. At night, the thermometer usually does not fall below 17-18 degrees. The days continue to be sunny in summer, rains in September are rare. The average monthly water temperature along the coast is about 28 degrees. In September, Antalya is visited by tourists who prefer milder weather compared to the summer. The resort can meet a lot of families with small children. But the young people at this time usually does not rest, as the school year begins.
October is also the month the sun, but most rainfall. In the month occur 3-4 rainy days. The average monthly air temperature drops to 24 degrees during the day and 14 at night. The sea is still warm enough. Even to the end of October the water temperature off the coast of Antalya rarely drops below 23 degrees. Earlier this month, the resort is still possible to find a sufficient number of tourists who do not like the scorching summer sun, and try to organize their holidays so that the sea was still warm, and the air is not too hot. Tourists are becoming smaller, and by mid-month life of the resort begins to fade: many hotels, shops and bars are closed until the beginning of next season. In late October, on the coast of rest mostly elderly Europeans.
In November, the swimming season is closed, as the water temperature becomes uncomfortable. The average for the month it is 21-22 degrees. At sea, the waves are often raised. In November, it is not seen so calm as in the summer months. The air is cool, the wind often blows. In early November, the warm days still happen, pleasing to the 25-degree heat, the end of the month may poholodat and up to 15-17 degrees. At night, the thermometer shows an average of 10-12 degrees. The weather is quite sunny, but the number of rainy and cloudy days increases to 7. In November, Antalya is rarely visited by tourists.
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