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There are many ways of dealing with unwanted hair: from folk remedies to medical procedures. And the first - a rather questionable and not very efficacious, and the latter are quite expensive and often painful.


"Rivanola" - disinfectant formulation promotes active wound healing. This medicinal product on the basis of ethacridine lactate and boric acid is produced in the form of pastes, ointments, powders and tablets. To combat the problem of unwanted facial hair, tablets, making them on the basis of a one percent aqueous solution.

Contraindications are individual intolerance of components and kidney disease, accompanied by albuminuria (presence of protein in the urine). Regarding contraindications in pregnancy no data, just as there are no data on interaction with other drugs.

The use of "rivanola" for hair removal

To combat hairs need to make a 1% solution of tablets "rivanol" in water. Which should be applied with a cotton pad small amount of solution to the delicate skin of the elbow and six hours to wait, not whether there will be an allergic reaction.

If allergies have arisen, the solution "rivanola" once a day is applied to problem areas before the effect. He said would be about a week: istonchatsya hairs will be light and brittle. It should be noted that even in the absence of the effect of two weeks of use, the application of the drug should be stopped. The constant use of "rivanola" desirable: between courses it is important to use intervals of 1-2 months.

Other applications "rivanola"

Even if used regularly in the fight against excessive scalp, "rivanola" will be very useful for the acquisition of home kit. Indications characterize it as a preventive and curative antiseptic (disinfectant) tool in surgery, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology. It is well suited for the treatment of boils, sores, abscesses, cuts, burns and minor everyday injuries. When inflammation of the throat and mouth is often used for rinsing.

Given that "rivanola" - a pretty powerful drug prior to use (even for hair removal) should consult a doctor.
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