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There are external and internal use of flax oil. When an external method in the course are ointments, various emulsions and other cosmetics. With the combination of a number of plants that contribute to tissue renewal, obtained ointments effective wound healing. In some regions of Russia some time ago he was accepted as a product of the daily diet. Over time, unfortunately, the oil has been replaced by a more affordable, easy and cheap to manufacture analogs such as corn, soybean and sunflower oil. But in modern times, scientists once again drew attention to its beneficial properties.

Currently, oil is made of refined and unrefined. When the production of unrefined product passes only the pressing process, and refined, characterized in that it is subjected to extraction. The degree of purification depends on the color of the oil. Golden color indicates a more thorough cleansing than brown. Cold extraction process is more complicated, but retains more useful properties of oil. For the treatment and prevention it is necessary to apply such an oil.

The beneficial properties of flaxseed oil

In addition to various kinds of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and other known useful properties of linseed oil, such as the unsaturated fatty acid. Linoleic acid has anti-cancer properties and is included in the composition of cell membranes. The content of omega-3, even more than in the fish oil, but the oil has a lower cost. Besides oil type stimulates immune cells, which play an important role in the "destruction" of the various viruses and tumors. It has wide application in the prevention and development of many diseases for all age groups.

Tips for use

For the majority of people during the day is recommended to drink no more than a tablespoon of oil to 45 kg of weight. The product should be used in the cold, because heating contributes to the loss of useful properties and vitamins. In addition, experts advise to use flax seeds (30 g), which do not cause side effects and are safe for health.

In order to better assimilate the oil, it should be taken with food. Also, they can be refilled salads, a variety of cereals and boiled potatoes. It is suitable for filling yogurt instead of sour cream.

Flax seed oil is known in cosmetology. Taking it inside, you can improve the condition of their hair, skin (especially face), and nails. The product was used as a night cream, causing a thin layer. Oil well struggling with peeling skin.

Due to the fact that the oil loses all its useful properties when exposed to light, it is necessary to purchase goods in dark bottles. It should be kept tightly closed container in the refrigerator oil. Thus, increasing the term of its use.

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