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It is known that the greatest benefit bring seasonal fruits and vegetables. But where to get those necessary for health products, for example, in December or January? Almost all of them can be replaced by a unique persimmon fruit that ripen at this time of the year in Central Asia.


Its useful features can be described this way: "You can not dream." Provitamin A is responsible for the fight against cancer cells. Vitamins C and E strengthens blood vessels and has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. More than 25% of the total weight of the fruit is glucose and fructose, which nourish the heart muscle, but in the blood sugar level is not increased. It is also noteworthy that the caloric content of persimmon is so low that it was her nutritionists recommend to those who seek to lose weight in the shortest possible time.

What it ate

It is believed that the persimmon fruit is a self-sufficient and does not need to be supplemented. Few people know that it is combined with lemon juice, cream, cheese and fine "works" when roasting meat, giving it an unusual piquant taste. In Asian cafes and restaurants is common with persimmon dessert - ice cream, yogurts, puddings, jellies or pastries. Puree the pulp of the fruit, mixed with cheese, honey, orange juice is an excellent dressing for salads.

Orange abundance

Officially registered about 740 varieties of persimmon, which can be divided into two basic - this is a common persimmon and "wren". The first contains a large amount of tannin, which explains its astringent effect, which disappears when the fruit is fully ripe. Grades of the second group do not have the astringency, they are always gentle and sweet, even if not yet matured. Choosing persimmon, inspect the stalk. Give preference to the fruits, which is dry, brown. The skin should be shiny with brown stripes on the surface and dark streaks in the flesh. The most delicious persimmon - is "Shaheen". You can easily recognize it in the form of heart, it is large and bright.

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