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If a girl who saw the dream itself it acts as a bride, it expected significant changes in his personal life. It will find the path of reconciliation with a loved who are at odds with her or with her boyfriend move to a new phase of their relationship. If a loved one is not, then this dream can mean inheritance or large sums of money. This may be winning the lottery, an unexpected bonus at work or money gift from relatives.

If the bride looked slovenly: her dress was dirty, torn - it could be interpreted as coming minor troubles, such as gossip and intrigues in the performance management, domestic squabbles, bad luck. Black or dark dress bride married man predicts complication marriage. We must be prepared to settle the problems arising from the husband or wife, as well as to try to avoid confrontation with their own children growing up.

Kiss the girls in the pure, snow-white dress, if she dreams of a young man, promising him good health for many years. If you do not kiss it, and it, it also does not mean anything bad, and predicts a meeting with forgotten friends and others with whom the dreamer had no contact for a long time, but would really like to build them again. Her numerous kisses with wedding guests who came to be interpreted as a finding like-minded people with whom you can work productively or just nice to talk to.

The bride, weeping, or with eyes reddened by tears, means resistance prevailing in the real-life relationship with unloved man. As such, the subconscious mind of the dreamer tries to touch up on the idea of termination of an unsuitable partner in life and find a really good couple. We should not enter into a marriage of convenience - nothing good will come of it.

If the bride was pregnant, it means that who saw it in a dream girl or guy with fear about the possibility of having children, but the desire to have offspring still must overcome the fear to get into an interesting position. She will be a happy mother and a boy - a caring father.

And always to sad news is a dream when they bury a girl dressed in a white wedding dress. It is unfeasible most cherished desires, the inevitable arrival of sorrow and misery. You must pull yourself together and committed to meet the trouble, trying to cope with their consequences.
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